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Patrizio Dall'Argine trained theatrically at the Teatro delle Briciole in Parma starting from 1990, where he works professionally as a set designer, actor, author and director. After this experience in 2001 he is one of the founders of the company Cà place of art with which he begins to deepen the language of the Puppet Theater. In 2007 he ends his activity with this company and begins a solitary journey that will lead him to found the Hypnotic Medical Theater in 2009.

At the center of the medical-hypnotic experience is the Puppet .

This wooden actor talks and confronts himself, contaminates himself and is reflected in the other Arts:

painting, cinema, animation cinema, classical music, photography, weaving original canvases that have as their purpose the meeting with the spectators.

The aesthetic research always starts from the Puppet that moves in its autonomous and transportable space,

a scale theater called “baracca” .

The image, the ghost , which represents the company is the face of a girl with closed eyes and a half smile. It is the funeral mask ( the person ) of a drowned girl,

known as The Unknown of the Seine.

In the dramaturgy of the shows, the aesthetic identity of the puppet is often questioned, seeking the affinities and divergences it has with the doll, with the inanimate statue, the automaton, the shadow, the character, the monument, but also with the toy.


The Hypnotic Medical Theater is a family-based puppet theater company. Patrizio Dall'Argine deals with the subjects, the texts, the carving of the heads and the painting of the scenes. Veronica Ambrosini , deals with the design and manufacture of puppet costumes, the construction of puppets, the administration of the website and the organization. Daughters Thea and Virginia collaborate on several shows as cabin attendants.

The warehouse that houses shacks and puppets is located at the Corte di Giarola, headquarters of the Western Emilia Parks Authority, in Collecchio, in the province of Parma.

Since 2010 the company has made 28 original shows,

keeping these 15 in the repertoire:

Il Florindo Inamorato, Winter's Tale, Summer's Tale, Black Variety, Leonce und Lena, Werther, The Unknown of the Seine, Mickey Mouse, The Little Verdi, The Journey, Green Bean and the Crane, Momo, Them - winners for the whole life, Safari.

The company's motto is:

"Il faut etre absolument contemporain." Arthur Rimbaud  


Paolo Parmiggiani , art historian, directs MATERIA FILMS.

Riccardo Manfredi , director, directs CINE VILLON.

Creation and / or execution of live music in the shows:

T rio Amadei (Marco Amadei piano, Liliana Amadei violin, Antonio Amadei cello)

Luca Marazzi , composer.

Enrico Padovani , pianist.

Nicholas Forlani , accordionist.

Luca Mini , drummer.

Collaboration in the shows

Nuria Cabanas, actress in "THEIR, Winners for Life"

Damiano Grasselli , musical dramaturgy performed live for the show WERTHER

Diego Giliotti, cabin assistant for the show FAGIOLINO E LA GRU

Andrea Alberici, cabin assistant for the Safari show


In 99 he won the Eti-Scenario award as director, author and sole interpreter of the monologue “CONTRAEREA”, freely inspired by the book La guerra in casa by the writer Luca Rastello.

With the company "Cà place of art" in 2006 he won the "Campogalliani d'Oro" prize as the best Italian puppeteer.

In September 2017 Patrizio Dall'Argine with his company "Teatro Medico Ipnotico" was awarded by the Ravasio Foundation with the "XX PRIZE" PINA E BENEDETTO RAVASIO ", as a puppeteer, sculptor, playwright, brilliant researcher of the animation theater. that his art is the result of a cultured and acute contamination between tradition, of which he keeps alive the deepest values, and the very personal expressive innovation.


2009: - The Florindo in love

2010: - Phantasmagoria

2011: - Paris, Modigliani's last winter

- Guadagnini does not repeat

2012: - Sandrone's Seasons: Winter's Tale, Spring's Tale,

Summer's Tale, Autumn's Tale.

-Silver dust, the story of the painter Giovanni Voltini

2013: - Verdi and the infernal dog

-Leonce und Lena

2014: -Black Variety

2015: - Sandrone Reduce

-The Top Hat

2016: - Peter and the Wolf

- Baby mouse


- The Little Verdi

2017: - The journey

-The Unknown of the Seine

2018: - Green Bean and the Crane

- The misadventures of Pinocchio

2019: - MOMO, the god of prank

- Guillaume and the dog

2020: - THEM, winners for life

2020 .-- Safari

Collaborations 2020:

Rebis Theater , I Negri adaptation   for puppets of the work of Genet


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