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We live in dangerous times, years of drift of historical consciousness, the distance from the great dramas of the twentieth century makes us prone to oblivion and the sleep of reason risks generating new monsters of thought, if it has not already generated them.
Memory is a constant exercise, not just a memorial ritual. Theater, and in this case the theater for puppets and actors, is a powerful and incisive emotional experience, which transcends the intellectual dimension, speaks to a large audience and does so with music, lights, silences, the physicality of characters. In the case of our show, the freedom of the puppet language, combined with the rigor of historical research, allows us to disseminate in a responsible and innovative way.


In particular to non-experts. We would like the little ones to come and see us with their parents, middle school and high school boys and girls. No one has ever seen the characters of this story directly at work. It is a unique opportunity. Maybe then, looking at them, the spectators will feel the need to deepen their knowledge of the rebels of Parma, that is, of those who in the first half of the twentieth century, faced with the advance of fascist totalitarianisms, did not bow their heads.


Without revealing the script too much, we can say that "they" in Spanish means "parrot". A parrot, an allegory of historical memory because it is capable of repeating words, is present on the scene at the beginning and at the end of the representation. It is a very important element in the narration, he is entrusted with a metateatral function, for a reflection on memory that necessarily involves the public. A game of mirrors with our today (them, you?).

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