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  a musical fable based on the novel by Carlo Collodi

TRIO Amadei project

A hut of puppets of giant dimensions, on which characters of the most varied features, dimensions and qualities move. The great Italian puppetry merges with video animations and video mapping. The original compositions mix classical and electronic instruments, for a show that has its roots in tradition, but looks to contemporary languages.The story is the one that everyone knows, but with a surprise ending: Pinocchio originates from a piece of wood that contains a spirit. The thing he wants most is to transform, grow up, become a child. He is then confronted with the nature of man and experiences emotion, betrayal, sadness, joy, perdition, temptation, fear, friendship, abandonment, love and free will. The Blue Fairy could transform it, but it will do more, making Pinocchio discover the beauty of his own uniqueness, what makes him unique and unrepeatable like a fingerprint.

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